Caketop website launched

There's finally something at

Caketop finally has a website.

Like this site, it is hosted on GitHub Pages and built with Astro. I still don’t 100% know what I’m doing with Astro, but I’ve found it to be the least confusing among the various “modern” static site generators I’ve tried.

This time, I used mhyfritz/astro-landing-page as a starting point. I think I did a pretty good job hacking it up.

I’m using Formspark and Botpoison for the contact form. This is probably the best way to get my attention right now. Submissions go to a channel on Caketop’s Slack. Hopefully the signal-to-noise ratio ends up being pretty good.

Normally I would prefer to do analytics based on web server logs, but since I’m not hosting these myself, I had to pick something with a JavaScript tracker. I decided to spin up a self-hosted instance of Plausible Analytics. It seems pretty nice, and it was very easy to set up.