Hi, I’m Jordan. I’m a systems engineer, which means that in addition to writing my own code, I solve problems that involve making lots of other peoples’ code all work together. I build a lot of custom Linux distributions. I helped build two different ones for a company that used to be called Cleversafe, but is now IBM Cloud Object Storage. I worked on another distribution for GitHub, which lives inside of GitHub Enterprise Server.

I am most comfortable programming in Python or C; I can also be happy and productive in Go, Perl, or Ruby. I am very well-versed in bash and POSIX shell scripting. I know just enough JavaScript and TypeScript to keep myself out of trouble. Lately I’ve been teaching myself Rust, and enjoying it.

I’m into Docker, OSTree, Podman, and systemd. When I’m not running a distribution I built myself, I tend to prefer Debian, Ubuntu, or, for smaller devices, OpenWRT. When I’m building a distribution that’s that’s not a Debian derivative, I use Yocto.

You can reach me via email at jordan@jordemort.dev. If you need to get in touch with me securely, you can find my GPG key here, at keys.openpgp.org, or you can encrypt a message for me on Keyoxide. You can also chat with me on Matrix.